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3 Bangladeshi death in New Zealand shooting

Cni News- Bangladesh’s High Commission to Australia so
far confirmed three expatriates’ death in New Zealand’s Christchurch shooting
at two mosques leaving 49 dead but feared attack to have critically wounded
several other Bangladeshis.

“Among the casualties (about 50) there are reports of death of three
persons of Bangladesh origin, and a few are critically injured,” the high
commission said in a statement.

It, however, added: “We still await details of them from the New Zealand
security officials and hospital authorities officially.”

Bangladesh does not have any embassy in New Zealand as Dhaka’s High
Commissioner in Canberra is concurrently accredited to the neigbouring

But the statement said the Canberra mission kept in touch with
Bangladeshis in New Zealand and particularly in Christchurch directly and
through Dhaka’s honorary consul in Auckland and asked them to remain calm,
try to stay indoors and avoid places of congregation.

They were simultaneously asked to follow the directives of the New Zealand
authorities’ security directives against the backdrop of the situation.

“We are closely monitoring the situation through our Australia mission and
I have already directed our honorary consul in New Zealand to rush to
Christchurch from Wallington,” Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen earlier
told BSS.

He said Bangladeshi expatriates in New Zealand informed him that four to
five fellow countrymen were wounded in the near simultaneous attacks in the
two mosques.

“We will get details information about the condition of Bangladeshi
expatriates in Christchurch when our (honourary) consul reaches there” Momen

The Canberra mission statement, meanwhile, said honorary consul Shafiqur
Rahman would reach Christchurch tomorrow morning to extend support to the
Bangladeshi victims.

“He may be contacted at his mobile phone number +64 21024 65819,” it read.

Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner to Australia Tareq Ahmed along with

a Consular officer will also proceed to Christchurch at the earliest
possible time tomorrow to provide all kinds of support, said the release.

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