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Dipu Moni emphasizes lifelong learning for sustainable dev

Cni News : Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni today laid
emphasis on lifelong learning for the sake of sustainable development.

“The main driving force of 21st century development is lifelong learning.
We have to make the lifelong learning integral part of our education system,”
she said.

The minister said these while addressing the inaugural ceremony of an
international conference titled “Lifelong Learning in Developing Countries
with Special Reference to Bangladesh” at Ahsanullah University of Science &
Technology in the capital.

Presided over by Ahsania Mission President Qazi Rafikul Alam, the
conference was addressed, among others, by University of Copenhagen Professor
Anders Holm and officer-in-charge (OC) of UNESCO Dhaka office Sun Li, among

“Lifelong learning begins with birth and ends with death. It is now the
biggest sector of world economy and is quickly expanding,” the education
minister added.

Bangladesh Institute of Lifelong Learning (BILL) director Prof Ashok
Bhattacharya in his welcome speech said Bangladesh is moving forward.

“Importance of lifelong learning is huge to maintain the current economic
growth and to keep pace with the developed world,” he added.

A total of 200 scholars including 50 foreigners are taking part in the
two-day conference.

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